We have books for our guests to write reviews/comments on their stay and today the one left by a couple in our Williams Suite was especially touching and I thought worth sharing with everyone.

January 10-12, 2014……..

“Lynda……Well I thought this should be just a short note to express our appreciation for you and this house and the amazing staff but, after reading through this book, I thought, does she realize the magnitude of the impact that she has on the guests she receives?  YOU have held the hands & hearts of patrons celebrating marriage by giving them the wedding that they wanted. Dried the tears of a couple trying to manage after the death of a their child.  You provided peace for a couple studying for the Bar Exam, who knew that this was such a magical place run by the most brilliant woman of us all that adorn these pages.  Life is happy, horrible, loving, giving & taking…. You provide what is needed where ever anyone is in the ups and downs of life.  What an amazing life & huge responsibility you take on with each reservation.  I thought that I was strong!  Through this house, your example of this book….I realize I was married here & I came back to celebrate that marriage here, that’s a simple view I had when returning here. But, as I sit & listen to my husband sleep, I realize my Life started here….Thank you isn’t the most fitting word, however appreciation is all that is in my heart.  So again I thank you.  You were the one of three people that I invited to my wedding, two years later, I can understand fully the impact of that decision….Always in my heart…see you next year…..Truly  Casey & Cody……

Please find time to come stay with us here at the 1890 Williams House….It’s definitely a very special place to share with everyone!  I thoroughly  enjoy meeting guests from all over! ……..Lynda D. Burpo, Owner